Welcome to the website of the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Crossville, Tennessee. Cornerstone Baptist Church is an old fashioned, Bible believing Baptist Church, without fear, regret, or apology. We believe that the King James  Bible is the inspired Word of God and is preserved without error in every jot and tittle. Therefore the Bible is our only guide and textbook. We teach the Bible in every class from the smallest child to the oldest adult.

The living Word has something for them in their life  now and man can not improve upon what God says in His Holy Word. Our purpose is to uplift and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, ourwork is to win souls and then to disciple them in the Word of God, our duty is to love our fellowman as a brother, our goal is to exemplify a Christ-like love and attitude in a lost world. May God use the content of this site to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael L. Kerley

Pastor Michael L. Kerley